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Breath Taking Originals by Deborah Thomas
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::: D E B O R A H   T H O M A S :::

I have been a portrait artist since the age of thirteen. I discovered early in my youth my natural ability to draw people, animals, homes and anything that was put in front of me. I have been fortunate that people have had the desire to seek my artwork. My business, “Little Blossoms” started 35 years ago. My passion to draw, paint and sculpt has given me the ability to make my business successful. I expanded early on in my business to include instruction on how to draw and paint like an artist from the studio in my home. I felt that I could share the pleasure of drawing with those who wished that they could draw and did not think they had the ability.

My artwork has had the pleasure of reaching many people. I worked for American Greetings in 1975-1982. There I brought my natural ability to draw to the company and also learned from many other artists, techniques that are unique. With my gift, my business clientele grew quickly by word of mouth. My studio is my home where I complete my commissioned artwork and also raised my 5 children.

I have many years of experience in the art world. I have had the lovely experience of illustrating several books, discussing artwork on several television programs, painted innocent children to high-power businessmen.
I have also had the opportunities to draw beachfront properties to million dollar homes. Cherished pets from dogs to horses. Turned many deceased children into treasured memories. I have had a vast amount of experience in the art world and I treasure the chance to share my talent with others.

Thank you for considering to choose original artwork by Deborah Thomas Please feel free to contact me with through my contact page, I look forward from hearing from you.

Deboarh Thomas

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